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Random Thoughts on Prepping October 2013

This past weekend I did some soul searching and prioritizing for my SHTF survival plans. I asked myself a serious question. The questions was, “which is more important, food, water, or security?”

Like a lot of people who are prepping for a long term TEOTWAWKI situation I have limited resources. I would love to have a few million dollars to dump into land and an underground bunker. But I do not have that kind of financial resources. But I was lucky enough for my family to own some land in a rural area. While not what some people may consider a perfect bug out location, I have decided to set down roots and start a farm.

I lived in a town with a population of less than 8,000 people, and I lived just north of Houston Texas, and I am now living in a rural area of southeast Texas.

Once you move out of the city to the suburbs prepping plans change a little bit.

Once you move from the suburbs to a rural area prepping plans change a lot.

With every area comes its own challenges to prepping, while some challenges stay constant. The three constants are security, food and water.

One of the big questions is how good is good enough?

Drinking Water After SHTF

Safe drinking water is single the most important factor to surviving a long term TEOTWAWKI situation.  Let’s just face the facts, without safe drinking water life as we know it can not exist.

Lets say you have access to a source of water. How much is overkill? Do you use the water straight out of the well, do you run the water through a UV light, do you have a microfilter, chemical treatment, solar powered system for reverse osmosis,,,, or something else?

Water pump

On one of my youtube videos someone posted a comment about using reverse osmosis for water purification. While someone else suggested chemical treatment.

Do you invest several thousand dollars into water treatment, while ignoring the chicken house, and crop irrigation?  That is not a well rounded survival plan.  How good is good enough?  How good do your water purification plans need to be before you say that project is complete?

Because water is so essential to surviving a SHTF / TEOTWAWKI situation, I have decided to put as much financial resources as I can in putting down a water well.  Besides the water pump that is powered by electricity, I want to install a hand powered pitcher pump.

The pitcher pump will allow my family and I to access the well water even without power.  It would be nice to have a solar powered water pump for long term poqwer outages, but those plans are further down the road.

The goal right now is to get the water well drilled by a professional, be able to install a pitcher pump, then build a barn around the well and the pump.

Worse case situation, power outage, I can go to the barn, then use the pitcher pump to get water from the well.  At the very least my family and I will have safe drinking water, water to brush our teeth with, and water to cook with.

How good is good enough?  Should I run the water though an extra layer of purification, such as filter or UV light?  The more money I sink into safe drinking water leaves less money for security and food production.

I think having a water well drilled, then having something like a Berkey Water filter as a backup will be good enough.

Food production After SHTF

This category could simply be entitled “food.”  But this is not about stockpiling food, this is about growing and raising your own food.

Growing potatoes for food

You have spent thousands upon thousands of dollars on water purification, what do you have left to make sure you and your family have enough to eat?

Have you built a secure chicken house?

Have you bought a tractor or tiller?

Have you built your raised bed garden?

Have you built your compost pile?

Have you bought the hand tools you need to work the garden?

What about irrigation?  Do you have a way to water the garden during times of drought?

Maybe you should have taken the money invested into reverse osmosis and put that money into a secure chicken house?

One of the common areas of prepping while I was living in urban areas was stockpiling food.  Living in a city on 1/3 acre, there is only X number of chickens and rabbits you can have, and then there are limitations on the size of the garden.

With composting and doing the square foot gardening thing, you are still limited on how much food you can raise.  Having limitations does not allow for a flexible long term SHTF survival plan.  You may be able to produce enough food for you and your family, then a couple of your friends and relatives show up, what then?

A couple of friends run out of food, so they go to your house.  What can you do?  With a small yard it’s not like you can plant a larger garden, or get some pigs or goats.

To build a farm you need money.  You need money to plant fruit trees, to buy a tiller or tractor, to buy tools, to build a rabbit hutch, to build a chicken yard,,,, and other things that are needed.  The more money you put into water purification means less money for food production.

Security After SHTF

How many guns and how much ammunition is enough?

I have heard of people stockpiling 20k, 30k, even upwards of 50k rounds for a single caliber.  That is a lot of money invested into ammunition, I hope that person has a source of safe drinking water and a reliable source of food.

WASR-10 AK-47

Then there are the people who stockpile 5, 6,,,, 10, 12 Ar-15s or AK-47s.

How firearms does someone need for their particular situation?

The more money you spend on firearms and ammunition, means less money for food and water.

During the panic buying of 2013 I bought a couple of bolt carrier groups.  These were supposed to be good quality products, but they came with YFS gas key bolts, which are made in Taiwan.  I thought about buying complete bolt carrier groups from someone like Bravo Company to replace the BCGs I got screwed on

What would be the most cost effective solution, buy complete bolt carrier groups for spares, or buy replacement parts that may break, or do both?  I have decided to buy replacement parts for the time being.  When prices for a complete BCG drop a little more then I will buy some for spares.

My personal feelings on security, a good number of people in the prepping community are either paranoid, or get tunnel vision.  Due to either of those two defects in their long term SHTF survival plans they focus on firearms.  as a result other preps are either ignored or forgotten about.  What good is 10k rounds of 223 Remington when your family is starving.


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