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Some AR-15 AK-47 and Remington 1911 R1 time

Tuesday, August 7, 2012 my daughter called and said her and her boyfriend wanted to drive up and visit with my wife and I. I said sure thing. My daughter starts back to school in a few days. So why not spend some time shooting an AK-47, AR-15 and Remington 1911 R1. My daughters mom and I have been divorced for close to 10 years. Even though they live in Baytown Texas, and I live in Jasper Texas, that has not stopped me from being part of my daughters life.

After my wife and I got off work, we met my daughter and her boyfriend at new Mexican restaurant here in Jasper. We ate, enjoyed each others company, then went home and watched The Dark Knight. On the way home we stopped the super walmart in Jasper and picked up 100 rounds of American Eagle 223 Remington.

I am trying to cycle out a lot of my steel cased 223 Remington and replace it with brass cased American Eagle or Federal bulk 223.

Wednesday August 8, 2012 my wife and I got up and went to work. Things were a little slow so I asked if I could take a half a day off and spend some time with my daughter. My boss said sure, take some time off. I called my daughter to ask where where she was at. She told me her and her boyfriend were at the camp. I told her I was taking 1/2 a day off so we could go do something with them.

My wife and I carpool to work. Around noon she picked me up and we went home for lunch.

After my wife went back to work I started loading up the gear.

I am trying to clear some of the steel cased 223 Remington out of my ammunition stockpile. I dug to the bottom of the ammo cans and pulled out some old Monarch 223. A couple of the boxes are marked $2.99 on the price tag. Steel cased Monarch 223 Remington has not been $2.99 in years.

Besides the 223, I grabbed a few boxes of Monarch 7.62×39 and some bulk Federal 45 acp 230 grain FMJ.

Awhile back I replaced a bunch of AR-15 magazine followers with Magpul anti-tilt followers.  This trip to the sand pit is the first time test the new followers.

All of the ammunition, magazines, ear plugs, safety glasses,, were loaded into a Maxpedition Condor II.

The AK-47, AR-15, Remington 1911 R1 and the Maxpedition Condor II were loaded in the truck and off to the camp I went.

Upon arriving at the camp I got some bottled water out of the fridge, then my daughter and her boyfriend got in my truck.

It was probably a 30 minute drive through the back roads to the sand pit where we were going to be shooting.  The sand pit looks like where a company removed maybe 8 feet deep of soil.  The area is only about 75 – 100 yards long and maybe 50 yards wide, so its not a huge pit.  Some of the locals have dumped a TV and various other garbage there, but its not like a garbage dump.  The TV makes for a nice target.

We pulled up, got out, dropped the tailgate of the truck, got the gear out of the cab, put everything on the tailgate, then started loading magazines.

To practice swapping magazines, I had my daughter and her boyfriend load 10 rounds per mag in both the AR-15 and the AK-47.

My daughters boyfriend wanted to shoot the AK-47.  He had only fired a 22 long rifle before now, so shooting an AK was a big step.

I gave the boyfriend a quick lesson on the AK.  He seemed to pick it up well.  After a few safety tips, he was on the firing line and was blasting the TV someone dropped off at the sand pit.

After firing off 20 rounds (2 magazines loaded with 10 rounds each), next up was the AR-15.

When he saw the red dot scope, he was “oh cool”.  Daughters boyfriend quickly cycled through 2 magazines.

Back to the truck to load up more magazines.

While we the AR-15 and AK-47 magazines were being loaded, I got the Bianchi UM84 and the Remington 1911 R1 out. The holster was put on my belt, and the 1911 in the holster.

Part of what I wanted to do on this trip to the sand pit, was practice firing 2 AR-15 magazines, then go to the 1911.

The flap that goes over the top of the Bianchi UM84 had been replaced with a thumbstrap years ago. I had used the UM84 with the Beretta 92FS, but not with a 1911. To my surprise the 1911 and the UM84 fit well.

Back to the firing line for a second round. This time I stepped up first, 2 magazines downrange, then to the 1911.

This was the first time I got to try out my new Magpul ASAP attachment point and Magpul MS3 sling.

The Magpul MS3 sling takes a little getting used to. My first thought is that the sling should go over my left shoulder and under my right arm, that way my right arm is not incumbered by the strap. Then I tried it over my right arm and under the left arm. Then what does the loop on the sling do?

After I got home and watched a couple of youtube videos, the light turned on and things fell into place.

Back to the sandpit.

My daughter stepped up to the firing line and fired off a few rounds from the AK-47 and the AR-15. Between the two, the recoil of the AR was more manageable then the recoil from the AK.

The only malfunctions we had, or rather I had, from was an AR-15 magazine that the feed lips were bent, and one of the Federal 45 acp 230 grain FMJ stove-piped as it was being fed into the chamber.

WASR-10 AK-47

The WASR-10s are usually frowned upon by the AK community.  But I tell you what, I have not had a single issue after the first 100 rounds.

During the first 100 rounds or so, the bolt would sometimes stick on the return back to the chamber.  Upon inspection, it looked like the bottom of the bolt was very slightly dragging on the hammer.

After firing off a couple of hundred rounds of Monarch 7.62×39 steel cased ammunition, the bolt stopped sticking and everything has been working fine ever since.

Remington 1911 R1

There seemed to be some slack as the pistol was being pulled from the holster.  It was like I had to pull the pistol and the holster up, then when the holster pulled against my belt the Remington 1911 R1 would pull free.

A few days ago I ordered a Specter Gear tactical thigh holster. The holsters are on back order, so the delivery date is not for another 2 – 3 weeks.

The Bianchi UM84 does not have a magazine pouch, where the Specter Gear tactical thigh holster does.

I really like my Wilson Combat 8 round 1911 magazine.

Bushmaster AR-15

This an older model XM15-E2S made during the so called assault rifle ban.  Because it was made during the ban, the rifle does not have a flash hider or abayonet lug.

Even though its an older AR-15, I still added some accessories such as a magpul MOE forearm grip, magpul angled forearm grip, magpul ASAP attachment point and Magpul ms3 sling.



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