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Stockpiling 22 Long Rifle For SHTF

When stockpiling 22 long rifle for SHTF, what other ammo can you buy 500 rounds of for less then $20? Just a few years ago a brick of 550 rounds cost in the $10 – $11 price range. I wish I would have bought several cases 5 years ago, it would have saved me a lot of money.

No other type of ammunition is more practical to stockpile then the good ole 22 long rifle. One reason why the 22 long rifle is so popular today, is that during the great depression, 22 long rifle is all people could afford to buy.

Stockpiling ammo for SHTF

  • 22 long rifle is cheap
  • It stores well
  • Low report
  • Low recoil
  • Anyone in the family can shoot it
  • Rifles do not cost a fortune
  • Works in rifles and pistols
  • Effective on small game
  • Does not cause excessive damage to the animals
  • Report does not scare livestock

What more could someone want?

How much 22 Long Rifle To Stockpile

Lets use a simple number of 10 – 10 rounds a day to put some kind of meat on the table. If you have a 20 percent success rate, this means you could get 2 animals a day.

Now lets say you have 3,000 rounds stockpiled. At 10 rounds a day, that is 300 days.
6,000 rounds – 600 days

For a long term SHTF / TEOTWAWKI survival situation, I would aim for no less then 5,000 rounds or 22 long rifle. 5,000 rounds at 10 rounds a day would give you a little over 1.3 years of small game ammunition.

1.3 years may not sound like a lot for a long term survival situation, but that is a very conservation number. We have not added in farm animals, chickens, fishing, gardening, deer, hogs, birds,,,,, food provided from other sources.

Even in a total SHTF / Breakdown of society event, its going to be unlikely that you will be hunting “every” day.

How my preps are setup

@ 75% of my ammunition at stored at home.
@ 25% is stored at the camp / bug out location.

At the camp I have some Winchester and some Remington 22 long rifle, and maybe a box or two of Federal.

One of my favorite types of ammo to stockpile is the Federal Champion. Each brick of Federal Champion is composed of 10 boxes of 50 rounds in each box. Instead of having to grab a handful of lose ammo, you grab a single box (which holds 50 rounds) and you’re good to go.

One of the issues with 1 brand of 22 long rifle making up the majority of your preps, not all 22 rifles shoot the same. Some rifles shoot certain types of ammunition better then others.

Different Types of Rifle Calibers

While reviewing my 22 long rifle stockpile last night, I realized that I am mostly buying 2 brand names – Federal and 1 box of Winchester. The next couple of bricks I buy will probably be Remington and a box of Winchester. Certain types of 22 long rifle perform better or worse in certain rifles. When stockpiling ammunition, take time to shoot your rifles with various brand names and types of ammo. Pick which ones preform the best and go from there.

Like a lot of people, my family has at least 4 different types of 22 rifles – Ruger 10/22, Marlin model 60, Remington speedmaster, H&R Plainsman .22 Bolt Action.

Ruger 10/22 will shoot just about anything.

Remington speedmaster on the other hand, its rather picky about the types of 22 long rifle it likes to function with.

Marlin model 60, its kinda in the middle between the Remington and the Ruger.

H&R Plainsman is bolt action so the semi-auto action is not an issue. This rifle shoots just about anything.

The 10/22 works good with the Remington bulk ammo, while the Remington Speedmaster seems to have issues. The Remington speedmaster apears to have more misfires and failure to eject then the Ruger 10/22 when using Remington bulk 22 long rifle.

When shooting the Federal ammo, the Marlin model 60 seemed to have more misfires then the Ruger 10/22.

With stockpiling the majority of my 22 long rifle in one brand name, a couple of rifles may not function as well as they should.

Subsonic 22 Ammunition

Besides the hypersonic ammo, maybe we should be stockpiling subsonic ammo as well. If you want to keep the report of the rifle to a minimum, subsonic should help keep the noise down.

22 shorts do less damage to the meat, and on shots over 75 yards are more accurate then hypersonic 22 long rifle.


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