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The worse has happened – some kind of pandemic disease is whipping out mankind, or a nuke strike has launched this nation in chaos, or something else has happened.

You now have to leave the city. So, where do you go? Some emergencies are regional – such as a hurricane or wild fires. So staying with friends or family might be an option.

For the sake of this article, lets discuss this topic as if its world wide. So now what do you do?

First – Shelter:
You and your family will need somewhere to go. Try to find somewhere you can have a roof over your head, and not just a tent.

Before the event – in the preparing stage:
Find a friend or family member that has some land and talk to them about staying at their location. Talk to this friend/family member about leasing a small section of this land. One option is paying that family member enough money to cover part of the property taxes – this works to the advantage for both of you.

Check the local news papers. Sometimes people will put a “to be moved” house in the classifieds. These houses will need to be moved, they are usually on blocks and will usually need some repairs. You will need several thousand dollars on hand to move the house, so have that put up. Talk to the friend/family member about moving the house on their property. At first they will be resistant, so expect a “NO!!” answer. Explain to the friend/family member that if you leave or give up the “lease” they can keep the house. This can be a double edged sword – so be very, very careful.

There are several options, which include everything from a water well to filtering water from a local creek or stream.

In the foreground of this picture is a water well pump house – it looks like a dog house. Inside this small enclosure is a pump going down to the water table. The well is deep enough so that it will not go dry. Even if you have a well, and the water is safe to drink – do not over look some kind of water filter in the house.

A back up option is water holding tanks to collect rain water. Water from creeks and streams should be purified before drinking. If your shelter is close to a stream, look into a solar powered water pump to get the water from the stream to a holding tank.

If the well is shallow enough, a solar water pump and large holding tank could be an option.

When drinking water from a creek or steam, it is VERY important to know what is upstream.  Human sewage sent into the stream could pose health issues for people downstream.

For filtering water, something like a Berkey Water Filter could offer a good supply of safe drinking water.

Have several ways to cook. For the sake of this article lets discuss two options – wood and propane.

This is an example of a wood burning bar-b-q pit. The smaller pipe all the way to the right is the “fire box.” Do not use pine or other wood with lots of sap to cook or smoke your food. A large smoker can be used for smoking sausage or making home made jerky.

The main pipe is 30 inches across on the inside, the fire box is 24 inches across and 2 feet 6 inches long.

One of the main purposes of a pit this size, is to be able to cook a whole hog at one time.  Or, if you have the ability to make sausage, the pit could be used as a smoker.

Propane tanks can be used to cook your food without electricity. The draw back, the tank only holds X amount of propane. Its also important to keep the tank filled “before” an emergency.

Fruit trees should be planted around the retreat. Depending on where you live, you should pick a tree well suited to your location. The tree in the picture below is a fig tree. Even a small fruit tree, or just a few of them can greatly extend your food supply.

Gardening should never be over looked. Once you have your retreat in place, stock it with a couple of hundred pounds of fertilizer. A couple of hundred pounds sounds like a lot, but its only 5 – 40 pound bags. Maybe even plant a garden at your retreat. Keep some basic hand tools for working the ground.

Visit your retreat often, make it your weekend get away. This can be important for children. Instead of telling your children you are evacuating, tell them you are “going to the camp.”

This is a basic set up for a retreat. Each persons needs will change to meet their needs and location.


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