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Being a survivalist means that survivalism is incorporated in every facet of my life.  Whether its hunting, camping, gardening, cooking,,,, I try to relate how those activities would tie in with a long term SHTF / TEOTWAWKI survival situation.

On the other hand, how do I know survivalism is not just some type of obsessive compulsive disorder?  If you obsess over something, is it some kind of disorder or mental illness?

Are people that obsess over making money mentally ill?

Are people that obsess over their car mentally ill?

Are people that obsess over work mentally ill?

Lets take that work example and talk about it for a minute. If being obsessed with work is a sign of mental illness, then most of the U.S. population has sick mind. Well, everyone besides the welfare parasites that is.

From the time the U.S. was founded, generation after generation has worked its fingers to the bone.  Workers built the rail roads, they built the cities, they built the steel mills, they built the ships, and all with a type of self gratification that they were “working” and providing for their families.

Ever hear the term “workaholic”? These are the people that would rather spend time at work then with their families, these are the people that have committed their lives to working, these are the people how have committed their lives to something besides themselves.

If survivalism is a mental illness, are workaholics mentally ill?

Chickens in chicken coopSheeple 1 – I work 70 – 80 hours a week.
Sheeple 2 – man, that is great. Since you sacrifice everything to provide for your family, you must be a wonderful person.

I thought about naming the sheeple in that example Tom, or Bob, or Jimmy. But nah, sheeple do not deserve names, they just deserve numbers, kinda like social security numbers.

Now lets look at another example.

Tom the Survivalist – I have 6 months of food stockpile for my family.
Sheeple – thinks to itself “this guy must be crazy”.

Which is more crazy, working your life away, or stockpiling some food and other supplies?

With the crash of wall street and the banks back in 2008, we saw a good example of how obsessed people are with money.  Money is the new GOD.  There was once a time when people cared about each other.  These days, it seems that people only care about making money.  It does not matter if you have to kick a family out of their home, deny medical care,,,, as long as you make money who cares.

If survivalism is being obsessive, then what is the love of money?

Being a survivalist is no more extreme then anyone else in society.

Well, there are people that are “out there”, such as radical survivalist.

Just as a stamp or coin collector keeps track of what coins are missing from their collection, survivalist check their stocks to see what they are missing.

Just as a stamp collector checks ebay for stamp auctions, survivalist are always looking for ways to add gear to their collection.

Just as someone who sews may buy cloth to make a dress, a survivalist may buy some freeze dried food.

Survivalism should not consume your life, survivalism should be part of your life.

Bowfin caught on trotline

Bowfin caught on trotline

While some survivalist try to balance everyday life with prepping, there are people out there who have allowed their life to be consumed in one way or another. One of the worst dangers to survivalist is falling into the conspiracy theory sinkhole.

Once you let conspiracy theories get a foothold in your life, its difficult to let go. the best thing to do is to turn a blind eye, or a deaf ear to conspiracy theories.

In the 1990s conspiracy theories reached a fever pitch.  After Waco, the Randy weaver incident and the passage of NAFTA and GATT, it seemed that the U.S. government is out of control.  It seemed like everyone and their brother and sister in the survivalist community was worried about the U.N invading the U.S. to enforce some kind of martial law.

We just thought things were bad in the 1990s.  Now we have obama and the world is looking at going to war over Iran.

As a survivalist, we should keep track of news and events

Most people watch the evening world news, or visit news websites, so this should not be difficult to do. Its important to stay educated on current events. The people that were keeping track of hitler probably not surprised when Poland and France were invaded.

Pay attention to the little news articles that may slip by main stream media. After all, who really cares about that unknown infection in Vietnam? So what is 200+ people were sick, and several children died. The main stream media is more interested in the shoes that celebrities are wearing then rare infectious pathogens.

Our news has become filled with trash and filth. The stuff we call “entertainment” is nothing more then trash to distract us from what is important in life.

How many parents can tell you how their kids are doing in school?

How many parents can tell you what the famous celebrity of the day is doing?

How many parents would rather watch a tabloid TV show then to spend time with their children?

My personal experiences

A lot of people ask “what got you into prepping?”  I can not point to a single event that made me wake up.  If anything, it was how I was raised that played a factor in my living a survivalist lifestyle.

Being raised in the Cold War was a lot different then being raised today. I remember my first grade teacher talking about what a nuclear bomb looked like. The teacher went into detail what to do, and what not to do if the students should see a mushroom shaped cloud.

My dad was raised on a small farm where my grandmother and grandfather had a cow, horse, chickens, turkeys, guineas. I remember one time when my mom and dad planted so many peas, we filled up the bed of a small wheel base chevy 1/2 ton truck. We probably picked more peas in one day then most people see in a lifetime.

From the time we were old enough to walk across a creek, my dad was taking my brother and I squirrel hunting. 30+ years later I remember my dad telling me to be quiet, to walk softly, to watch the top of the trees for movement,,,. Those were good times.

If there was a series of events that made me say “maybe I need to do more”, it had to be the the San Francisco (aka Loma Prieta) earthquake of 1989 and the Los Angeles riots of 1992. The Los Angeles riots were a good example of how fast things can break down.

The southeast Asia tsunami of 2004 showed us how fast modern civilization can be wiped out. in a matter of minutes hundreds of thousands of people were killed when the tidal waves made landfall.

Then there was Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans and Hurricanes Ike and Rita.

Over the past 30 years we have had numerous examples of “why” we should be prepared.

With so many examples people still shun prepping

Earlier in the article we talked about what would be considered a mental illness.  When something is looking you in the face, and you ignore it, what would that be considered?  When you have a lion staring you in the face, and you say “what a pretty kitty”, that person is in denial about what is going on.

History has shown its just a matter of time before we have another world war, or an outbreak of a new disease.

Over the past 100 years governments have formed organizations to promote world peace. There was the league of nations, and now we have united nations. The UN is supposed to provide a way for nations to settle disputes without the need for violence. Even though we have the UN, some nations still pose a threat to world peace, such as Israel, Iran and North Korea.

Sanctions are not working against Iran and Israel is beating the drums of war. Its just a matter of time before something has to give.

Stockpiling food and other supplies

People that are new to prepping / survivalism are sometimes overwhelmed. Experienced preppers will post pics of their stocks, or provide a detailed list of their preps. When we people to prepping see the images, or list, they think they have to spend thousands of dollars on food stocks of spend thousands of dollars stockpiling survival gear.

What most people do not understand, its takes years, sometimes decades for people to stockpile food and other preps.

One difference between a prepper and a sheeple: a sheeple buys one can of beans; a survivalist buys 3 cans of beans.

Prepping takes time, its a work in progress. Nobody said you have to take a loan against your home to buy survival gear.

Advice to new Preppers

If I could give people new to survivalism / prepping some advice, it would be to take it one step at a time. Visit forums, read books, educate yourself about what happens during a long term survival situation.

What hardships did people face during the Black Death of 1348 – 1350?
What hardships did people face during the LA riots of 1992?
What is the most common waterborne pathogen?
What crops provide the best nutrients?

The most important tool people can have is knowledge.


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