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bug out location cookingAs a survivalist, live part of your life by one simple saying – “loose lips sink ships”.

There is an episode of the Twilight Zone where some satellites are picked up as incoming nuclear missiles.  One man and his family has taken the time to build a bomb shelter under his house, but none of the other neighbors have taken the time to prepare.  As the news of the “missiles” is broadcast over the radio, people started to panic.

The family that had the shelter started moving supplies into the shelter, filling jars with water, grabbing flashlights and batteries, moving canned goods from the kitchen to the shelter,,,,.  After the family closed the door to their shelter, the neighbors start beating on the steel door demanding the family let everyone else in.

As the missiles are getting closer, the neighbors start tearing down the steel door of the shelter.  As the door is just about to be removed, the news reports that the missiles are really satellites, and the whole alarm was a mistake.

The neighbors hear the news broadcast over the radio, they then apologize for what happened and leave the house.

Do not talk about your preps to anyone but family and “very” close friends.
Do not talk about the food you are stockpiling
Do not talk about your firearms, and especially do not talk about military firearms
Do not talk about prepping in any shape, form or fashion
Do not talk about your “Bug Out Location
Do not talk about stockpiling ammunition
Do not talk about any of your survival plans

To all of the sheep around you, you should appear as unprepared as they are.

Ways to avoid talking about your preps

Sheeple: Do you own and guns?
Survivalist: I do a little hunting from time to time, but I do not own a “bunch” of guns.

Sheeple: How many guns do you own?
Survivalist: A couple, nothing really worth talking about.

Sheeple: What do you think about the current political atmosphere and Obama?
Survivalist: I try not to pay attention to it.

Sheeple: What do you think about stockpiling food?
Survivalist: I buy a few extra cans of spam from time to time, but that is about it.

Sheeple: What would happen if a terrorist set off a nuclear bomb in the US?
Survivalist: I try not to think about stuff like that.

Sheeple: Do you have a garden?
Survivalist: I grow a few peppers or tomatoes from time to time.

Sheeple: What are your plans for a disaster?
Survivalist: Stay at home and read a book.

Sheeple: What do you think about those “survivalist” people?
Survivalist: They are all crazy, nothing is going to happen.

Ways to hide your preps

Its one thing not to talk about your preps, its another thing to make sure visitors to your house do not see anything.

Food preps

Store the majority of your food preps in a closet. My wife and I live in a 3 bedroom house. One bedroom is setup as a guest room, very few of my preps are kept in the guest room or the closet of the guest room. The other bedroom is setup as my sons room, in the closet of my sons room is where we keep most of our long term food preps. The #10 cans and mylar bags are kept out of sight and out of mind.

Some survivalist have their food preps stored under their beds. How many guest look under your bed? They might look under the bed of the guest bedroom, but usully the master bedroom is off limits.


Keep your survival related books and magazines out of the living area. I keep my books about the black plague in the book case in the living room. But those books are just your typical history books that blend in with all of the other history books.


If someone ask to see some of your firearms, I usually tell them I do not like to show off my guns. If the person keeps the pressure up, I bring out the oldest firearm I have, which is a single shot 16 gauge.

Showing someone a single shot shotgun of some odd ball caliber has an effect on people.  Where do you get ammunition from, only one shot at a time,,,, people usually do not associate a single shot firearm with a SHTF survival weapon.

Bug Out Location

Make it a habit to refer to your BOB as a “deer camp”, or a place your family goes to “get away”.

Make an effort to never talk about storing preps at your Bug Out Location.

Try not to tell people where your BOB is at.  If someone ask where your camp is at, use general non-descriptive terms – its 30 miles north of such-and-such and way out in the woods.


One of the things about OPSEC is dropping survival related terms from your vocabulary.  Sheeple should never hear survivalist related terms slip your lips – #10 cans, Ak-47, Ar-15, stockpiling, bug out bag, get home bag, mylar bags,,,,,.  Those terms should be used exclusively with your members of your survival group.

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