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Top survival gear items

Out of all your survival gear items, which 10 are the most important? This list is going to change on your geographical location and any special needs. So consider this food for thought.

1. Home based water filter – an example of this is the Berkey Light or the Royal Berkey. Why is a water filter the first item? Because water is used so much in our daily lives. You do not need to be brushing your teeth with water contaminated with E. Coli, shigella or cryptosporidium.

2. Peanut butter and honey – High calorie food (peanut butter) mixed with honey – which has trace minerals – makes a meal that is difficult to beat. Unlike dried foods, no water is required to cook peanut butter or the honey. After opening, neither one needs to be kept cold. Honey can be stored for years without fear of spoiling and it makes for a good topical anti-biotic.

3. First aid kit – for taking care of wounds and injuries.

4. Way to cook without electricity – Propane is a good option, but its going to run out sooner or later. Solar ovens are a good choice, if you live an area that gets plenty of sun light. Wood burning pits are a good option. Firewood might go into short supply as people run out of ways to cook, but its always going to be around.

5. Water bottles – some way to transport water from a nearby stream to your water filter.

6. Good quality bicycle – after gasoline runs out, you have an way to get around.

7. Good quality boots – if your feet hurt, your not going anywhere.

8. Solar charger – whether its for charging a cell phone or a flashlight, the sun offers unlimited energy, you just have to have a way harness that power.

9. Fishing supplies – give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man how to fish and you feed him for life. If you live close to a lake, stream, pond or river, fishing gear must not be overlooked.

10. Physical and Mental conditioning – Stay sharp and stay fit.

11.  Seed stockpile – a stockpile of seeds to be able to grow a long term survival garden.

12.  Flashlights – stockpile some LED flashlights along with some hand crank flashlights and lanterns.


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