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Wasting food after a disaster

On the weekend of September 17th and 18th family and I rented beach house and spent a couple of days at the beach relaxing. This was our last summer bash before old man winter arrives.

Something that was observed during breakfast reaffirms my belief that children will waste the most food then any other group during a long term shtf survival situation.

During breakfast my granddaughter looked at her eggs, saw some pepper and thought the pepper was dirt. To make matters worse, she said the black specks of pepper were “poo-poo”.

Wasting food after shtf

Usually, when a child says something like “po-po” in their food, and adult puts the thought in the childs head. As innocent as it sounds, asking a child if the food taste like po-po puts the thought in the childs head that feces is in their food.

To help the granddaughter know that there was no dirt or po-po in her food, I took a pepper shaker, put some pepper in my hand and showed the pepper flakes to her. After she saw the pepper in my hand, she seemed to be more open to eating eggs with pepper in them.

Several months ago my family and I had a cookout.  When we have a cookout, we have a “COOKOUT” – ribs, brisket, beans,,,, the works.  After everyone had packed up and went home, my wife and I started cleaning up the yard.  It was during the clean up that I found something that irritated me – one of the children and taken a single bite out of a babyback rib, and then threw the rib on the ground.  The size of the bite mark indicated a childs mouth.

With the rib being thrown on the ground, we were dealing with 2 different things – 1, a parent that is not watching their children; 2, a child that was just outright wasting food.

Video about cooking some ribs and brisket on the pit.

A couple of years ago my wife and I had the grand kids over for a visit.  We were in the mood for ice cream, so everyone loaded in the SUV and we made trip to town.  When we got home, one of the kids decided they did not like their ice cream and threw it in the garbage before an adult could stop him/her.

One question I have, has our society (the USA) reached a point where most people do not appreciate food?  Since when is ok to waste food or throw food away?

When I started school, the cafeteria workers used to save the scraps in order to sell the scraps to hog farmers.  The food that was not eaten was put into trash cans, that would then be used for hog feed.  The milk the kids did not drink was poured in to large glass jars and sold to hog farmers along with the food.

During a long term SHTF survival situation, food will be a premium and a luxury.  One problem is how our society looks at food.  We go to a buffet bar, load our plates down, eat half and and throw the other half away.  Most people raised in a modern culture probably do not give throwing food away a second thought.

After a disaster, parents will need to pay close attention to how much, and how often their children eat.  But therein lies a problem, children are not always hungry when the parents say its time to eat.

Instead of making meal time a time of stress with trying to get small children to eat, maybe be a little more flexible with meal time.  Instead of cooking large meals for the whole group, maybe cook enough for the adults, and be ready to cook smaller meals for the children.

Mountain house makes some single serving meals that have up to a 7 year shelf life, just pour boiling water into the pouch, seal with the built in ziplock and let sit for about 10 minutes.

Meals like these single servings allow for a little flexibility in food preps.

Awhile back I was talking to some friends about their food stocks.  One of the people in the group expressed that they disagreed with cooking for individual people. Their opinion was that everyone in the group should eat that the same time.

The “everyone should eat at the same time” might be ok with adults who understand the seriousness of the situation.

Try explaining to a 2 year old that they should eat, even when they are not hungry, just because everyone else is eating.

A well rounded survival plan should be flexible. Creating stress with a 2 or 3 year old child because they are not hungry is not being flexible.

My personal opinion, survival food preps should be more then opening a superpail or a #10 can and planning on cooking for the whole group and everyone eating at the same time.  Plan on hunting parties still being out when its time to eat, plan on kids not being hungry when everyone else is.

Try not to have the mindset that “everyone can eat at the same time, or they can just go hungry.”  Who will determine when its time to eat?  Will one person be in charge of cooking at setting the time to eat?  Or will the people of the party come to an agreement when its time to cook?

From my experience children will waste more food then any other group.  If you have small children, or if your plans include cooking for small children, adjust your plans as such.


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