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Weekend Survival Gear Purchases

Don’t have the money to buy $1,000 for survival gear at one time? Then spread it out and get a little bit at a time.

One thing that strikes me as odd, is when people start talking about stockpiling a few simple survival supplies, the conversation will sometimes turn towards money, and how much to cost to prepare.

I have had people say “I don’t have $1,000 to drop on a food stockpile”, or something along those lines. The thing is, you don’t have to have $1,000 to get started, purchases can be made in small sections.

Purchases Include:

  • Canned cheese
  • 2 – 4 packs of ravioli
  • Several cans of soup

The soups are low sodium – my wife is on high blood pressure medicine. If some kind of disaster happens, we do not want foods with a lot of sodium driving up her blood pressure.

Some of that will probably go up to the camp, while some will stay at my house.

In another couple of weeks I’ll pick up some more food stocks, maybe some more dried rice or beans, maybe some more canned goods, or noodles.

In a few more weeks I’ll get some first aid supplies, seeds for my garden, and maybe even plant a couple of fruit trees.

I am considering some canned cheese sometime in the near future.

Stockpiling Survival Gear

Buying some survival gear here and there has allowed me to build a nice stockpile of various items.

My current garden seed stockpile includes enough seeds for two – three years.  The stockpile also includes a variety of different types of seeds.  If a planting of purple hull peas were to fail, then I would plant snap beans.

Even if it means picking up one or two freeze dried pouches a month, eventually things will start to add up.

Every spring various sporting goods stored get their fishing gear in.  Ebay is also a good place to find low cost fishing gear.


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