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What to take in a bug out situation

Some missionary goes to the Congo for 6 weeks to preach the salvation of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to the natives. As he boards the plane back to the good ole US of A he is not feeling to well. Its just a slight fever, nothing to worry about.

Fast forward 6 weeks, the once unknown airborne virus has wrecked havoc on mankind. With no vaccine and no natural resistance, people are dieing off like the Native Americans did to Small Pox. Which means that entire populations of towns were dieing.

You set your plans into place, but things have not worked out as planned. The daily bicycle ride to the nearest river for water is getting old. The neighbors are running out of food and have turned into beggars. Its time to put your back-up plans into effect; that includes leaving your home, and going to a friends farm.

At the farm there will be seclusion – its miles off the beaten path – there will be water from the well, fresh food out of the garden and fresh meat from the local wildlife. Who knows, there might even be fresh eggs from the chickens. And where there are chickens, there is fried chicken.

Its time to pack up the important things in life and get out of the city. The question is, what do you take?

Some of the stuff is pretty obvious – food, water, clothes, medicine, first aid supplies, sleeping bags, pillows, seeds, can opener, water filters,,,,,,.

Some things are not so obvious – family pictures, letters, bible, books, playing cards, board games, wills and property titles,,,,.

Family pictures – if there is one thing that can not be replaced, its family pictures. Your kids will never be young again, your grandparents will never come back from the grave.

Letters – any hand written letters that retain you family history. Maybe even printed emails from friends and family members.

Bible or any other religious book – for spiritual support.

Books – for education and preservation of knowledge. College grammar books are a good option, as they contain works from a wide variety of authors. Regardless of the situation, the education of children must continue.

Playing cards and board games – helps keep the mind busy and acts as a distraction.

Wills – to make sure that your property gets passed down to who you want it to, its important that everyone have a will. And if you have a will, make sure its signed by a witness upon your signature.

Property titles – ensures that you retain legal ownership of your property. Even during outbreaks of the Black Death in the middle ages, some kind of law and order was maintained.

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